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Talking About Celia

Talking About Celia

Author: Jeanie Bell

There have been many people who, over tens of thousands of years, have left their footprints all over this land: they have gone before us and prepared the way to keep our culture strong. Celia Smith was one of those people.Lilla Watson from ForewordTalking About Celia ... is a montage of memories and pictures taking the reader inside an Aboriginal community and inside the life of an extraordinary Murri woman.People like Celia Smith are remembered through stories told and re-told by their family and community.Among the many things remembered about Celia Smith's life commitment to justice and compassion, are her lobbying for Gurindji land rights in the distant north-west; walking the community with bags of food and loose coins she would give to those in need; speaking in court for a young mother on manslaughter charges; running cardgames and dances and always caring for her family.Celia Smith left her mark on south-east Queensland communities, and there are also many others around Australia who will remember her.