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The Von: Stories And Suggestions From Australian Golf

The Von: Stories And Suggestions From Australian Golf's Little Master

Author: Ben Robertson

Norman von Nida - The "Von" - is a national treasure, Australia's last remaining link to a glorious era in sport which stretches back to the late 1920s.The creation of this book has been a remarkable collaboration between eighty-five-year old Norman von Nida and the thirty-year-old Ben Robertson. Ben is a journalist by training and aspired to be a book writer. Norman cannot write because of his blindness yet wanted his life story told in his own words. The process of creating this book required an unusual intimacy and trust. Norman would tell Ben his stories in his inimitable yardspinning style and Ben would then write them, retaining the von Nida nuances. This process has produced a book of great freshness and character which is also easy to read. It. s like having a series of good yarns with Norman von Nida. Norman von Nida is a legend of Australian golf. He is one of only a handful of players alive in the world today who locked horns with golfing legends such as Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Henry Cotton, Gene Sarazen and Ben Hogan. He counts among his friends the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Peter Thomson, all of whom have contributed generous forewords. The pathfinding legacy he has provided for Australian golfers is without peer. He is to Australian golf what Donald Bradman is to Australian cricket. Ben Robertson has done Norman von Nida and the Australian public a great service by bringing "The Von's" story to life.
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