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Patriots: Defending Australia

Patriots: Defending Australia's Natural Heritage 1946-2004

Author: William John Lines

For more than sixty years a small group of dedicated people have been fighting to defend Australia's unique wildlife. Those conservationists battle indifference and hostility from government and developers, whose actions are responsible for the decimation of spectacular natural beauty. Although much has been lost, the conservation movement has won great victories and secured the preservation of some of the world's most pristine, and ecologically important landscapes. Patriots is the powerful and provocative account of this nation-defining struggle. William J. Lines charts the emergence of a national movement whose campaigners and members are forging a new Australian identity enmeshed in nature and committed to its survival. PRAISE FOR WILLIAM J. LINES' TAMING THE GREAT SOUTH LAND 'Innovative and brilliantly researched.' PHILLIP TOYNE, AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATION FOUNDATION 'Taming the Great South Land is the most important work on Australian history since Robert Hughes wrote The Fatal Shore... It is a book of international importance.' SUN-HERALD 'The book of the year.' THE AUSTRALIAN 'Magnificent book - required reading.' DAVID SUZUKI William J. Lines graduated with a degree in economics and has lived in Wales, rural Vermont and California and is now based in Canberra. He has writted five books on history and nature.