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Brave Squish Rabbit
Brave Squish Rabbi...
Katherine Batters...

Brave Squish Rabbit is an endearing yet simple story of courage, friendship and facing one’s fears.

The Red Wheelbarrow
The Red Wheelbarro...
Briony Stewart

Award-winning author/illustrator Briony Stewart delivers a beautiful picture book about two adventures in a red wheelbarrow.

Squish Rabbit
Squish Rabbit
Katherine Batters...

A tale celebrating the joy of friendship with a fun squishy cover befitting the main character’s name, Squish Rabbit. Squish Rabbit is destined to be a classic.

Tobias Blow
Tobias Blow
Zacharey Jane

Take a stormy night, a glorious wind and a sackful of treasures. Mix them together, add a pinch of magic, and the world is ready for Tobias Blow.

The Flying Orchestra
The Flying Orchest...
Clare McFadden

Some days are so windy that It’s always a day like this when the Flying Orchestra blows into town …

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Schumann The Shoeman
Schumann The Shoem...
Stella Danalis
John Danalis

‘When the laces are tied, your shoes will be ready.’ For a world where nothing seems to last, here is a tale that will stay with you forever. Schumann the Shoeman is a story with soul.

What The Sky Knows
What The Sky Knows
Stella Danalis
Nike Bourke

This story invites you to fly with birds and angels, float with clouds and balloons,to change colours, blow breezes, and stir up storms.

Teaching The Teacher
Teaching The Teach...
Joan Elizabeth Va...
Chantal Stewart

If you could swap places with your teacher for the day, what would you teach your teacher to do? Would you teach her how to … chew an apple with no front teeth?… sing out loud in assembly?… dive-bomb ...

Fergal Onions
Fergal Onions
John William Harr...

Fergal Onions is led away from a life at the TV screen to dust down his saxophone and return to his pre-couch life after he hears his neighbour's young daughter playing Mozart on her violin. This is ...

The World That We Want
The World That We ...
Kim Michelle Toft

A stunning interactive environmental picture book illustrating the unique ecosystems of North Queensland. Each illustration has been exquisitely created by hand painting on silk and each contains 10 r ...

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