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Alex Jackson: Grommet
Alex Jackson: Grom...
Pat Flynn

A raucous, riotous, devilish, urgent tale of a thirteen-year-old grommet, Alex. This is a fast-paced school adventure story that perfectly captures the essence of puberty and first love.

Tom Jones Saves The World
Tom Jones Saves Th...
Steven Herrick

"I hate that wall Everytime I go for a bike-ride Mum says, "Stay within the walls". So I ride around in circles, Like a circus animal. It's a prison. A prison for kids." Dumb things become important ...

Rain May And Captain Daniel
Rain May And Capta...
Catherine Bateson

Rain May and her mum escape their old inner-city life for a dream house in the country. But there are more than a few suprises in store - like discovering a platypus or the fun of fridge poetry and p ...

Nathan Nuttboard Hits The Beach
Nathan Nuttboard H...
Anthony Eaton

A few days at the beach, camping with your family. Sounds like a good time, right? Maybe, but don't forget to factor in: * the motobike riding bogan * an older sister in love * a tent which is suffe ...

What Truly Counts
What Truly Counts
Laurine Croasdale

When Rupert Whizz is accelerated from Year 7 to Year 9 he doesn't fit in anywhere. He's too smart for year 7 and the Year 9s think he's lame. Classmates like Richo have been dating for ages but Rupe ...

My Life, My Love, My Lasagne
My Life, My Love, ...
Steven Herrick

My sister doesn't eat meat. She calls herself a vegetarian Mum calls her sensitive. Dad calls her a nutcase. I don't call her anything unless she picks on me Then I call her names I can't mention in a ...

Poetry To The Rescue
Poetry To The Resc...
Steven Herrick

Poetry to the Rescue is a collection of funny, touching and thought-provoking poems from home, school and play. Written with Steven Herrick's honesty and ear for kids' voices - a perfect reflection of ...

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The Khaki Kid
The Khaki Kid
Robert Newton

Kevin Penfold is in control. At 11, he's in training to conquer Mt Everest, his 'Penfold Pulveriser' is world soccer's ultimate secret weapon and his best friend is the Italian Stallion. But control ...

Alex Jackson:Swa
Alex Jackson:Swa
Pat Flynn

In Year 9 the action rips. Alex lands himself a gig in a skating video, his mum is hellbent on getting out of Beeton and a new girl rolls into his life. The SWA gang skate hard, but when they lead A ...

Love Poems And Leg Spinners
Love Poems And Leg...
Steven Herrick

Another collection of funny, strange, silly and ordinary poems from Australia's most popular poet for children. Herrick is at his best when he writes about the simple things in a child's everyday life ...

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What's New

Congratulations to the seven UQP authors shortlisted in the 2018 Queensland Literary Awards: Venero Armanno, Tony Birch, Peter Carnavas, Laura Elvery, Pip Harry, Charles Massy, and Jackie Ryan.  

The Courier-Mail People's Choice Queensland Book of the Year Award  

Burning Down by Venero Armanno

We'll Show the World: Expo88 by Jackie Ryan

University of Southern Queensland Short Story Collection - Steele Rudd Award

Common People by Tony Birch

Trick of the Light by Laura Elvery

Griffith University Children's BookAward            

The Elephant by Peter Canarvas

Griffith University Young Adult Book Award       

Because of You by Pip Harry

The University of Queensland Non-Fiction Book Award

Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture - A New Earth by Charles Massy

Queensland Premier's Award for a Work of State Significance    

We'll Show the World: Expo88by Jackie Ryan

University of Southern Queensland History Book Award              

We'll Show the World: Expo 88 by Jackie Ryan

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Join David Malouf as he launches his new poetry collection, An Open Book, in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and delivers the opening address at the Australian Short Story Festival in Perth.


Join Bernard Cohen as he launches When I Saw the Animal at Ariel Books in Sydney.
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