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Sally Marshall
Sally Marshall's N...
Amanda McKay

Sally Marshall is the new girl at school. And she's not an alien or is she? Rhonda Branston challenges Pip Lawson to prove that Sally and her (rather weird) relations are a perfectly normal suburban f ...

Relax Max
Relax Max
Brian Caswell
Kurt Hedridge

When you're eight and three-quarters years old, nobody listens to you ... Not even when your house has been invaded by the aliens who crashed their spaceship out behind the house, and you're the only ...

Favourite Live Thing
Favourite Live Thi...
Jean Chapman

When Nonna (grandmother) arrives from Italy to stay with Mum, Dad, Paul and Mark everyone has to make adjustments. Paul finds a kissing Nonna a total embarrassment and Mark discovers his clothes never ...

Rock 'N' Roll Rain...
Pamela Platt

After Dad's death, the Fowler family move to Alderley, on the city outskirts. Mum, Paul, Kim and little sister Jess quickly settle into their new lives. The local creek, surrounded by tall trees and ...

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Monster Magic
Monster Magic
Cecily Matthews

Tim has one big worry: he's the smallest person in his class. Molly, the tallest, is also the school bully – she invents the hated nickname "Tiny Timmy". Maybe a magic growing potion would help? Tim ...

The Big Bazoohley
Wearing his "Sonic the Hedgehog" pyjamas, Sam Kellow sleep-walks out of the hotel room in Toronto where he is staying with his parents ... and wakes to find the door firmly closed behind him. Explorin ...

Brian Caswell

When Maddie lived in Vietnam, she was called Mai Linh. Her older brother, Mitchell, was known as Minh. They were given their new names when they came to Australia and went to Boundary Park school. Mad ...

Brian Caswell

It's bad enough being the smartest kid in the school, but when you're a girl, and when your father still thinks it's a man's world, and when you never learned to back down from an argument, it's even ...

James Moloney

Short Listed CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1996 "Cease and desist! Stand fast and release your prisoner!" – Peter, a new boy at Park Ridge school, is thankful to be rescued from the school bullies by ...

Tasha's Witch
Natalie Jane Prio...

What do radishes, postcards from overseas, a dinosaur plant and a cure for warts have in common? They all play their part in some very unusual happenings, after the Witch (alias Liz) moves into the ho ...

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