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The Sky Is Blue With Clouds Like Fishbones
The Sky Is Blue Wi...
Michelle Mee

Ten stories which recapture the world of childhood. Simple pleasures and excitements – going to the drive-in; the dancing class; staying with Nana at Christmas; choosing books at the library – are rec ...

Looking Out For Ollie
Looking Out For Ol...
Sharon Montey

Ollie spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e! He's also passionate about animals. Together with Mum, Dad, sister Alana, older brother Nathan and assorted pets, Ollie lives in tropical Cairns, above the family's very ow ...

Pig With A View
Pig With A View
Pamela Platt

New neighbours move in next door to Trent and his family, in a little town nestled below the hills of the Burra Range. The Teboitabu family has come from Kiribati, in the Islands, and Trent and Joseph ...

The Night Bees
The Night Bees
Anthony Holcroft

A delightful collection of seven stories with traditional folktale themes, set for the most part in wild and lonely places of the New Zealand landscape, where the earth spirits emerge to weave their m ...

Robin Stewart

Jerry's comfortable world is shattered when his father dies suddenly and his mother decides to take up the offer of a vacant cottage at Great-Uncle Albert's farm on rugged King Island, in Bass Strait. ...

Metis, The Octopus And The Olive Tree
Metis, The Octopus...
Jena Woodhouse

It is a far cry from the traditional world of a Greek island to life in an Australian inner city. How Metis weathers the transition is an engaging story told with sympathy and humour. "... should ap ...

The Flying Damper
The Flying Damper
Jean Chapman

Food,, glorious food! Jean Chapman presents a new collection of mouth-watering stories and verses. A drover's damper flies sky-high; when Amelia Muddle bakes a cake, the fire brigade arrives; the To ...

The Day Before Yesterday
The Day Before Yes...
Barbara Corbett

When Barbara Corbett was a little girl living in Dora Creek, New South Wales, she used to sit on a step in the sun and listen to these stories her mother told about her own childhood at the other side ...

Mr Hornbeam
Mr Hornbeam's Trea...
Louise Elliott

A lighthearted story set in goldrush days. Lizzie Welcome, nine years old, stows away aboard the sailing ship "Aurora", bound for Australia. She joins a group of friends who set out to seek their fo ...

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The Great Fairytale Robbery
The Great Fairytal...
Eric Scott

Sarah and Julie switch on the television: instead of the movie they expect, they see a crowd of their favourite storybook characters, including Cinderella, Puss-in-Boots, Aladdin, Bo Peep and Hansel ...

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