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Yumba Days
Yumba Days
Herb Wharton

The Yumba, an Aboriginal settlement, is home to Herbie, his brothers, sisters, relations and friends on the outskirts of town. From his back door the view of his playground stretches beyond the banks ...

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Nothing To Remember
Nothing To Remembe...
Julia Holland

Since the accident that killed her parents, Lara remembers nothing of her previous life. Small memories drift through her mind, but nothing seems to fit together. In this stylish and intelligent story ...

Full Moon Racing
A 1974 Holden, two girls and a hitchhiker - a chance to escape on the open road and find their own freedom. Gunner escapes abuse at home while Arkey leaves a relationship gone wrong. And Saxon is look ...

Killing Darcy
Killing Darcy
Melissa Lucashenk...

Angry young Koori Darcy Mango is on parole, and looking for his mob in Northern New South Wales. Befriending the Menzies family wasn't at all what he had in mind, but then neither was the old house hi ...

The View From Ararat
The View From Arar...
Brian Caswell

Young Adult Fiction The Crystal Death. The Creeping Apocalypse When we die, we who lived it, we who ultimately survived . who will really remember? For all the volumes written, all the minutely resear ...

Only The Heart
Only The Heart
Brian Caswell
David Phu An Chie...

From the chaos and the fear of post-war Saigon, and the terror of pirates on the open ocean, to the triumph and tragedy of a new life. Only The Heart is the story of Toan and Linh and a family that en ...

Here Comes The Night
Here Comes The Nig...
Sue Gough

This is the scintillating sequel to the award-winning A Long Way to Tipperary which was an Honour Book, CBCA (Older Readers). As the world teeters on the edge of war, a German spy makes his way steal ...

The Killing Of Mud-Eye
The Killing Of Mud...
Celeste Walters

We were savages, all of us ... Yes, savages; and I was worse than anyone because I stood back and watched. Could Ned really have changed the devastating events that occurred in his last years at scho ...

London Calling
London Calling
Natalie Jane Prio...

I'm not running away. I'm pursuing my career! Shattered by her father's unexpected death, Carmen Morton decides to achieve her life's ambition: to be a dancer in a London West End musical. But Londo ...

The News On Aliens
The News On Aliens
Stephen Measday


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Congratulations to Tony Birch, Melissa Lucashenko, and Rae White who have all been shortlisted for Victorian Premier's Literary Awards. 

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