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Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space
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Galactic Adventures: First Kids in Space

Author: Tristan Bancks

A gripping and inspiring space adventure for kids of all ages from popular author Tristan Bancks.

Dash Campbell has only ever had one dream. To go to space.

Now he and four others have been given the chance to become the first kids ever to leave our planet. From building rockets behind his family’s laundromat in Australia to attending a hardcore Space School in the US, Dash is a long way from home. And he still has an intense month of training ahead before he can even think about that glorious moment of blasting out of Earth’s atmosphere and living his dream.

But does Dash have what it takes to survive Space School? Gruelling physicals, fierce competition, media attention, medicals, the Vomit Comet, a skydive from 4000 metres and an instructor who despises him. Can he push through his deepest fears and make history? Does he have the right stuff to go to space?