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Brave Squish Rabbit
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Brave Squish Rabbit

Author: Katherine Battersby

Brave Squish Rabbit is the follow-up to the hugely popular and endearing picture book Squish Rabbit.

Squish is just a little rabbit, but being little leads to big fears…of storms and chickens and the dark…especially the dark! What will Squish do when he can’t find his friend one stormy night? Maybe he’ll discover that being brave makes the dark a little wonderful after all.

A tale celebrating the joy of friendship from the CBCA Crichton Award shortlisted author, Katherine Battersby. Printed with a fun glow-in-the-dark and squishy cover perfect for little hands!

Squish Rabbit
Squish Rabbit
Katherine Batters...

A tale celebrating the joy of friendship with a fun squishy cover befitting the main character’s name, Squish Rabbit. Squish Rabbit is destined to be a classic.