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The Best Australian Poetry 2007

The Best Australian Poetry 2007

Author: John Tranter   Bronwyn Lea  

The Best Australian Poetry 2007 celebrates the vibrancy and force of poetry in Australia now.

Guest Editor John Tranter, one of Australia’s most important poets, brings his substantial reputation as an anthologist – as well as a great deal of style – to his selection of 40 poems first published in Australian literary journals in 2006. Tranter has put together a rich selection of powerful poems –elegant meditations, rapid sketches, social commentaries – that live inside the world of art and language, as well as poems deeply concerned with life as it is lived.

Broad in the variety of poets and poetic styles, The Best Australian Poetry 2007 is as surprising in its diversity as it is pleasurable to read.
The Floor Of Heaven
The Floor Of Heave...
John Tranter

A biker's moll, a real-estate shark, a Vietnam veteran who can't forget, an Australian artist fighting drugs and despair in New York... In these four interlinked tales, these vividly drawn characters ...

Urban Myths - 210 Poems
Urban Myths - 210 ...
John Tranter

Urban Myths: 210 Poems brings together the new and uncollected poems from John Tranter, considered one of the most original poets of his generation in Australia.

Starlight: 150 Poems
Starlight: 150 Poe...
John Tranter

Radical revisions, mistranslations and multilingual dealings: in Starlight, John Tranter destroys and rebuilds works by poets including Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Ashbery and T.S. Eliot. The back story of ...