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The Leopard Princess

Picture of The Leopard Princess
Master storyteller Rosanne Hawke effortlessly interweaves ancient Mughal history and settings, fables and traditional story threads to bring to life a magical fantasy.


The Promise Seed

Picture of The Promise Seed
Two troubled characters born generations apart, one unlikely friendship battling both the demons of the past and the future.


The Protected

Picture of The Protected
Award-winning second novel by Claire Zorn. In a family torn apart by grief and guilt, one girl’s struggle to come to terms with years of torment shows just how long old wounds can take to heal.


The Secrets We Share

Picture of The Secrets We Share
The highly anticipated companion to Nova Weetman’s critically acclaimed middle-reader The Secrets We Keep.


Untidy Towns

Picture of Untidy Towns
Untidy Towns is a highly anticipated coming-of-age novel from Kate O’Donnell, an exciting new voice in Australian YA.


Wombat Warriors

Picture of Wombat Warriors
From the beloved author of Mister Cassowary, Smooch & Rose and Spud & Charli comes another thrilling adventure about Australia’s native animals.


Word Hunters: Top Secret Files

Picture of Word Hunters: Top Secret Files
From award-winning author Nick Earls and illustrator Terry Whidborne comes the book that tells you everything you wanted to know about being a word hunter – and more! Lexi, Al, Mursili, Will and Caractacus are back! This exciting book from the successful team behind the Word Hunters trilogy is packed with never-seen-before word hunter history – with new characters, new word quests, new adventures and all the behind-the-scenes information you have ever wanted to know about the words that make up the language we speak. Bonus: Book includes ‘top secret’ content accessed via the Layar app!


After January

Picture of After January
It’s as though the future is held here. Held at bay, held at more than arm’s length. Held just beyond my reach all the long days of summer. And the waiting is everywhere …


Blood (Paperback)

Picture of Blood (Paperback)
From the moment he saw her, wrapped in a blanket at the hospital, Jesse knew that he’d be the one to look after his little sister, Rachel. (Paperback edition)


Boy, Lost: a family memoir

Picture of Boy, Lost: a family memoir
A powerful family memoir from the award-winning author of The China Garden


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