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A Descant for Gossips (UQP Modern Classics)

Picture of A Descant for Gossips (UQP Modern Classics)
A stylish reissue of one of Thea Astley’s finest early novels, featured in the UQP Modern Classics series.



Picture of Charades
Stunningly original, Charades has stood the test of time as a major Australian work.



Picture of Fineflour
The river Fineflour flows through this narrative as it flows through the town, linking time and place, character and event. A source of myth and memory, it brings tragedy as well as comfort. There is an undercurrent of sadness and suspended grief in Gillian Mears' writing that is balanced by her tenderness and unconventional sense of the comic. Gillian Mears is also the author of Ride a Cock Horse which won the commonwealth Writers' Regional First Book Award in 1989, The Mint Lawn which won the Vogel/Australian Literary Award, and The Grass sister, regional winner of the Commonwealth Writers Award in 1996.


Joan Makes History

Picture of Joan Makes History
In this rollicking, irreverent tour de force, Kate Grenville rewrites the familiar past.


Loving Daughters

Picture of Loving Daughters
A brilliant, unsentimental portrait of two sisters – one artistic and restless, the other houseproud, her father’s favourite.


Miss Peabody’s Inheritance (UQP Modern Classics)

Picture of Miss Peabody’s Inheritance (UQP Modern Classics)
The fourth title in the new UQP Modern Classics series by acclaimed novelist Elizabeth Jolley


The Frangipani Gardens

Picture of The Frangipani Gardens
Rediscover the dark magic of Barbara Hanrahan’s visionary gothic novel. Nothing is as it seems in this twisted fairytale of moral ambiguity and corrupted innocence.


Things Could Be Worse

Picture of Things Could Be Worse
Rediscover the lovable character Lola Bensky with this stylish reissue of Lily Brett’s first work of fiction