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Under The Wintamarra Tree

Picture of Under The Wintamarra Tree
The wintamarra tree is a permanent reminder of the beginning of my life. The journey of healing and the healing process is similar to the wintamarra tree. It's always been there waiting for me to come and reconnect to my birthplace. Doris Pilkington Garimara Sequel to Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence


Yumba Days

Picture of Yumba Days
The Yumba, an Aboriginal settlement, is home to Herbie, his brothers, sisters, relations and friends on the outskirts of town. From his back door the view of his playground stretches beyond the banks of the Warrego River, as far as the eye can see. The fun-loving Herbie learns his culture from both Aboriginal and white worlds: from his tribal elders and from the local townies. For Herbie his Yumba is a village peopled with friends and family, who keep an eye on him and his mates. But there's always escape to the surrounding hopbush plain, a larrikin's paradise. Herbie's rollicking adventures range from school-age antics to his teenage years as a stockman and, briefly-on into the present and his wry observations in travelling the world as an author.


After the Carnage

Picture of After the Carnage
Ten years after the much-acclaimed Swallow the Air, Tara June Winch returns with an extraordinary new collection of stories A single mother resorts to extreme measures to protect her young son. A Nigerian student undertakes a United Nations internship in the hope of a better future. A recently divorced man starts a running group with members of an online forum for recovering addicts.


Common People

Picture of Common People
From the award-winning author of Ghost River. In this unforgettable new collection, Tony Birch introduces a cast of characters from all walks of life.


Dancing Home

Picture of Dancing Home
Winner of the 2016 David Unaipon Award


Double Native

Picture of Double Native
Double Native is a powerful and candid memoir that offers a rare insight into the burgeoning years of the contemporary Indigenous dance movement and what it means to straddle two cultures.


Finding Eliza: Power and Colonial Storytelling

Picture of Finding Eliza: Power and Colonial Storytelling
A vital Indigenous perspective on colonial storytelling. Aboriginal lawyer, writer and filmmaker Larissa Behrendt has long been fascinated by the story of Eliza Fraser, who was purportedly captured by the Butchulla people after she was shipwrecked on their island off the Queensland coast in 1836.


Good Morning, Mr Sarra

Picture of Good Morning, Mr Sarra
The story of one man who might just have the answer to a brighter future for Aboriginal Australia. Chris Sarra is nationally acclaimed as the school principal who turned around the toxic culture and poor attendance rates at Cherbourg State School in Queensland - Queensland's 2009 Australian of the Year.


Mazin Grace

Picture of Mazin Grace
Growing up on the Mission isn't easy for feisty Grace, especially when her classmates tease her for not having a father. Winner of the 2011 David Unaipon Award for Indigenous Writing.



Picture of Mullumbimby
A darkly funny novel of romantic love and cultural warfare from one of Australia’s most admired Indigenous voices.