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A Single Shard

Picture of A Single Shard
An astounding tale of courage, belonging and endurance from a master storyteller and winner of the prestigious Newbery Award.


After January

Picture of After January
It’s as though the future is held here. Held at bay, held at more than arm’s length. Held just beyond my reach all the long days of summer. And the waiting is everywhere …


Angela (New Edition)

Picture of Angela (New Edition)
The third of the award-winning Gracey stories. "Angela and Gracey. Friends forever". An easy promise to make but a harder one to keep. Especially when your best friend feels torn between you and her Aboriginal world. Did her own grandfather betray Gracey’s people? Will the answer kill their struggling friendship?


Another Night in Mullet Town

Picture of Another Night in Mullet Town
An iridescent verse novel from award-winning author Steven Herrick that shines light on friendship, family and finding your way.


Ask Me Anything (heartfelt answers to 65 anonymous questions from teenage girls)

Picture of Ask Me Anything (heartfelt answers to 65 anonymous questions from teenage girls)
When bestselling author and popular speaker Rebecca Sparrow offered hundreds of teenage girls the chance to anonymously ask her the question that was most on their mind – with the promise they would get an entirely honest answer – the questions she received were candid, sincere, and surprisingly universal.


At Seventeen

Picture of At Seventeen
Loss and gain come not in equal measure at seventeen. Forced to board in her final years of school, Catherine feels awkward and different and struggles to fit in. But the more she learns about her family's past, the more she learns about herself.


Batty Business

Picture of Batty Business
Forced to find themselves a new secret hideout, Luke, Alex and Kevin head to an old mineshaft, only to discover it's already inhabited by a mysterious - and smelly - giant bat. From the author of Licking Lizards comes the second book in this kids' own adventure series where the stench of bat poo is never far away!


Because of You

Picture of Because of You
Meet Tiny and Nola. Two very different girls with two very different stories who are just trying to find a place to belong. A powerful and compelling novel about friendship, love and acceptance.


Becoming Aurora

Picture of Becoming Aurora
Winner of the 2015 Queensland Literary Awards, Emerging Writer Category. Tonight we are wolves. Our pack moves as one, past empty shop fronts and faded billboards.


Bertha and Bear (hardback)

Picture of Bertha and Bear (hardback)
A gorgeous and heartfelt picture book celebrating bees and the search for friendship and a new home.


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