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Clara in Washington

Picture of Clara in Washington
For Clara, joining her mother on a three-month stint in Washington is her end-of-school adventure and a chance to be someone else. Although, starting an adventure is hard to do when you won’t leave the house.


Cry Blue Murder

Picture of Cry Blue Murder
Will anyone hear you cry?


Daughter of Nomads

Picture of Daughter of Nomads
Book 1: Tales of Jahani Master storyteller Rosanne Hawke effortlessly interweaves ancient Mughal history and settings, fables and traditional story threads to bring to life a magical fantasy.



Picture of Daywards
When you've run from the past, you have to stand and face the future ... Dara, her brother Jaran and their cousin Eyna have grown up among the Clan; their lives are peaceful as they eke out an existence in the towering forest below their escarpment home. But when the ghosts of a dead civilisation reach out to haunt them one final time, they and their family must set out, on an unmapped path across a dying land. Walking daywards, always into the sun. Daywards is the highly anticipated conclusion to a powerful trilogy from award-winning author Anthony Eaton.


Dougy (New Edition)

Picture of Dougy (New Edition)
When Dougy's sister Gracey is picked for the state athletics championships, not everybody in their small bush town is pleased. The championships change everything for Gracey and trigger dramatic events in the town too. In the end, it's up to Dougy to save his family – and to prove himself.


Edsel Grizzler: Ghostly Shadows

Picture of Edsel Grizzler: Ghostly Shadows
The third book in the fantastic Edsel Grizzler trilogy from award-winning author James Roy.


Edsel Grizzler: Rescue Mission

Picture of Edsel Grizzler: Rescue Mission
No adults, no way out, kids everywhere... chaos, welcome back to Verdada When Edsel Grizzler left Verdada, longing for a normal home life, he was told he could never return. But when he receives a desperate note from Verdada, pleading for his help, Edsel must embark on another, greater adventure – a rescue mission. Back in Verdada, the rules have changed. The Mira are gone, the kids are alone and fending for themselves. Things are chaotic and Ben is struggling to maintain order. It’s up to Edsel to step in before it is too late. Is Jacq the key to their survival? Will Edsel’s bold mission be a success? Or will Verdada – and the children – be lost forever? The second book in the fantastic Edsel Grizzler trilogy. PRAISE FOR EDSEL GRIZZLER: VOYAGE TO VERDADA James Roy knows his audience well and pitches Voyage to Verdada just right for early teens. … it has readers looking for answers long after the last page is turned. (Bookseller + Publisher) This is an inventive new book from a wonderful storyteller.(Deborah Abela, author of Max Remy Superspy series)


Edsel Grizzler: Voyage To Verdada

Picture of Edsel Grizzler: Voyage To Verdada
When Edsel takes an unexpected voyage to a parallel dimension, Verdada, his life is transformed overnight. Suddenly, his over-protective parents are nowhere to be seen and rules are a thing of the past. The first in a fantastic three-part series by award-winning author James Roy.


Everything I’ve Never Said

Picture of Everything I’ve Never Said
From bestselling author Samantha Wheeler comes a remarkable novel about finding your voice.


Everything Is Changed

Picture of Everything Is Changed
If only we could all go back to the way it was before … Jake and Alex. Best mates. One terrible mistake. Two lives that will never be the same.


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