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Cryle, Denis

Denis Cryle is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Informatics and is Deputy and Acting Associate Dean of Research at Central Queensland University. He received his PhD in history and the media from Griffith University and an MA in literature from the University of Queensland. Denis Cryle’s academic interests include journalism and the printed media, social history and development of the welfare state. His most recent publication with UQP was as the co-author, with Dimity Dornan, of The Petrie Family (UQP 1992).
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The Petrie Family: Building Colonial Brisbane

Picture of The Petrie Family: Building Colonial Brisbane
This is the fascinating story of early Brisbane and traces the history of an important Queensland family, Andrew and Mary Petrie and their six children. After leaving Scotland the family moved to Sydney and finally to Brisbane, where they established a reputation which endures to the prsent. Andrew became Clerk of Works of the Moreton Bay penal colony, and the family were among the first free settlers, forming a construction firm which erected landmarks like Parliament House and the GPO. An ambitious social history, it touches on all levels of society, including the Aborigines, whose presence and contribution haunt this timely publication. Unlike earlier studies, "The Petrie Family" records the vital contributions of the women in the family, in particular Mary and her daughter Isabella. The foundations of modern Brisbane are here vividly recreated in the context of family biography.