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Kirkpatrick, Peter

Peter Kirkpatrick teaches Australian Literature at the University of Sydney. His research interests are in Australian literary and cultural history, and poetry and poetics. He is author of The sea coast of Bohemia: Literary life in Sydney’s roaring twenties (UQP, 1992), and co-author, with Jill Dimond, of Literary Sydney: A walking guide (UQP, 2000).<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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Literary Sydney: A Walking Guide

Picture of Literary Sydney: A Walking Guide
Highly entertaining and thoroughly researched walking guide to many of Sydney's famous literary landmarks, including galleries, theatres, libraries, newspaper offices, pubs, parks and museums. It tours the homes and bohemian haunts of legendary Australian writers, including Patrick White, Les Murray, Germaine Greer, Thomas Keneally, Murray Bail, Drusilla Modjeska, and others. Literary Sydney is to be launched at the May Sydney Writers Festival 2000 to coincide with the Sydney Olympics - ideal for locals and overseas visitors. The walks are wittily described and contextualised by Sydney residents Jill Dimond and her partner, the acclaimed poet, Peter Kirkpatrick.


Serious Frolic: Essays On Australian Humour

Picture of Serious Frolic: Essays On Australian Humour
What do Australians find funny? Is there a distinctive style of Australian humour, or is there more than one? What are the ingredients? What social and cultural functions do they perform? Serious Frolic is the first collection of essays dedicated to examining a range of Australian humour.