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Lewis, Darrell

Darrell Lewis was born in 1949 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. He left school at sixteen and spent many years working in a variety of jobs in remote outback areas. In 1978 he enrolled at the Australian National University. By 1990 he had completed a masters degree in archaeology and written a book on Arnhem Land rock paintings. Throughout the 1990s Darrell Lewis worked primarily on historic site surveys in the Victoria River district. He is currently enrolled in a PhD at the Australian National University, researching the history of the Victoria and Ord Rivers. Darrell first met Charlie Schultz briefly in 1981. In 1990 the idea for a book took seed, as he listened spellbound for two and a half days as Charlie told him stories of events and characters in the Victoria River district. Together they wrote Beyond the Big Run, which was first published by UQP in 1995, and re-released in 2002.
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Beyond The Big Run: Station Life In Australia's Last Frontier

Picture of Beyond The Big Run: Station Life In Australia's Last Frontier
"Beyond the Big Run breathes life and veracity ... an authentic picture of station life at that time." Reg Durack "A bloody good horseman. Now it seems he's produced a bloody good book too." Tom Cole author of Hell, West and Crooked "The most powerful insight for many years into an older, simpler Australia." Peter Read