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Oakman, Harry

Harry Oakman (1906-2002) was one of Australia’s foremost gardening authorities, recognised especially for his expertise in tropical and subtropical gardening. He was a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation. He directed the Brisbane City Council Parks Department for seventeen years and was later director of landscape with the National Capital Development Commission in Canberra. He has designed and created botanic gardens, city squares, lookouts, streetscapes, playgrounds, public parks, and imaginative landscapes for highways, foreshores, golf courses, schools, shopping centres, factories, hospitals and private gardens. In his retirement he lived on the outskirts of Brisbane, surrounded by a superb one-hectare garden. Harry Oakman’s popular books include What Flowers When (UQP 1995), Harry Oakman’s Shrubs (UQP 1996) and Tropical and Subtropical Gardening (UQP 1999), which has been considered an industry bible since its original publication in 1975.
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What Flowers When

Picture of What Flowers When
The invaluable companion to "Tropical and Subtropical Gardening". Harry Oakman writes for people who love plants and enjoy gardening, but "What Flowers When" is no ordinary gardening book. Rather, its primary purpose is to indicate when warm climate flowering trees and shrubs, renowned for their brilliant colours, are at their most colourful. Peak colour times of ornamental warm climate plants are given, together with a short description and photograph, and brief notes on size, outline, general appearance, growth habits and site and soil preferences. The botanical family to which each plant belongs is provided as well as its related species. "What Flowers When" provides home gardeners and garden planners, as well as newcomers to Queensland, with invaluable advice on which decorative trees and shrubs are suitable for a particular purpose and how to plant to ensure year-round flowering.