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Gallaway, Jack

Jack Gallaway began his literary career with the Graziers Journal when World War II was at its height. He has worked in both the print and the electronic media, and is the author of three other books, "The Last Call of the Bugle: The Long Road to Kapyong", "The Odd Couple: Blamey and MacArthur at War" and "The Brisbane Broncos: The Team to Beat".
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Origin: Rugby League's Greatest Contest 1980-2002

Picture of Origin: Rugby League's Greatest Contest 1980-2002
The best Rugby League in the world is played between two opposing tribes - the Blues and the Maroons. Each year their warriors fight till the final siren for the most coveted prize of all: the State of Origin Trophy. Celebrating two decades of Origin competition, this book is the game-by-game account of a towering football contest. Yet establishing the series was an epic struggle in itself. The wealthy Sydney clubs had systematically drained Queensland of footballing talent and treated the old interstate series as a farce. In 1980, Ron McAuliffe and Kevin Humphreys talked the reluctant clubs into a State of Origin 'one-off' trial which Beetson's Queensland boys won resoundingly. This historic victory was repeated the following year and the series quickly became a top-rating television spectacle. Jack Gallaway gives a graphic account of every Origin game. He also unlocks the pride and the passion which make playing in an Origin the ultimate goal for every Australian Rugby League footballer.


The Last Call Of The Bugle: Kapyong, Korea

Picture of The Last Call Of The Bugle: Kapyong, Korea
This graphic and comprehensive eyewitness account follows the dramatic events of the Korean War from September 1950 until just after the Battle of Kapyong in April 1951. Veteran Jack Gallaway interviewed dozens of former members of Three Battalion of all ranks and here presents their version of events. The men of 3 RAR were part of Australia's last volunteer force - the last Diggers to answer the call of the bugle. Their story is a compelling and a controversial one.