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Turner, Clive

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Australia:Republic Or Monarchy? Legal And Constitutional Issues

Picture of Australia:Republic Or Monarchy? Legal And Constitutional Issues
The approaching centenary of Australian Federation is an appropriate time to raise the question of Australia's constitutional future. Should Australia become a republic with an elected head of state or remain a constitutional monarchy? Australia: Republic or Monarchy? Provides background information and reasoned arguments from both sides of the debate to provide a basis on which to make an informed decision. Key issues include questions about Australia's style of government as the country enters the second century of Federation; whether the present Constitution is satisfactory; and if not, whether the changes needed are major or minor. The constitutional changes needed to achieve a republic, and the pitfalls to be avoided in selecting from various options, are discussed, and a balanced perspective on possible avenues for constitutional development presented. Wider issues pertinent to a republic are also examined, including the impact on the States, the history of monarchies and examples of other systems. A summary of the Republic Advisory Committee's Report is also provided. Contributors: Sir Harry Gibbs, George Winterton, Donald Home, Mark McKenna, T Abbott, Kenneth Wiltshire, Gareth Grainger, A A Preece, Keith A Cline, Isolde Turwitt-Fieber, R D Lumb, Gerard Carney, Suri Ratnapala, Gabriël A Moens, Frank Brennan SJ