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Steele, Bruce

Bruce Steele is an Honorary Associate Professor of the School of Literary, Visual and Performance Studies, Monash University, and is also a noted Melbourne musician. He is the editor of Maurice Guest (1998), and co-editor, with Clive Probyn, The Getting of Wisdom (2001). These new editions of Henry Handel Richardson’s novels were both published as UQP Academy Editions of Australian Literature.
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H.H.Richardson: The Getting Of Wisdom

Picture of H.H.Richardson: The Getting Of Wisdom
Henry Handel Richardson is one of Australia's most important writers. She grew up in Victoria in the late nineteenth century, and left Australia at the age of eighteen to pursue a musical career. She returned only once, in 1912, to research her famous trilogy, The Fortunes of Richard Mahony.This volume includes The Getting of Wisdom (1910), based on Richardson's own experiences at the Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne, in the late 1880s, together with four of her short stories about adolescence, an extract from her memoir Myself When Young, and some of her commentary and correspondence about the novel.The range of autobiographical material, fictional and nonfictional, demonstrates Richardson's various modes of self-representation. Some of this material appears in book form for the first time. The edition highlights Richardson's subversion of stereotypical nineteenth-century ideas about feminine education and female selfhood.


Maurice Guest

Picture of Maurice Guest
Henry Handel Richardson's first novel Maurice Guest (1908) proved too big and too controversial to be published as she intended. Heinemann, her publisher, insisted on her cutting 20,000 words and made several attempts to tone down its language. Restored now for the first time in this edition, the complete novel is presented here as she had wished to see it published. Fully annotated, it includes the history of its writing, publication and reception in Europe, America and Australia.