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Lyons, Martyn

Martyn Lyons is a Professor of History at the University of New South Wales. He is executive editor of A History of the Book in Australia (UQP 2001), and has published on book history and the history of reading in France and Australia. He is also the co-author of Australian Readers Remember (1992).
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A History Of The Book In Australia, Volume Ii:1890-1945

Picture of A History Of The Book In Australia, Volume Ii:1890-1945
For two thousand years the book has entertained and enlightened people everywhere. In Australia, the early book trade fed the public's seemingly insatiable appetite for reading matter. Most books were imported into a colonial market dominated by British publishers. This is the first of a landmark series of studies of Australian book production and consumption. It focuses on the crucial period from the 1890s to the Second World War when home-grown literary culture expanded along with pioneering publishers such as Angus & Robertson. Every aspect of print culture is explored, from authorship, editing, design and printing to publication, distribution, bookselling, l ibraries and reading habits. A wide range of contributors, including academics, librarians, freelance writers and book-trade practitioners, have produced this series of lively essays and case-studies which illuminate in a profound way the book and reading history of the era.