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Gunn, John

John Gunn is the author of twenty-one books. His subjects range from widely translated children’s books and adult fiction to the history of Qantas. After serving as a destroyer navigator in World War II and later as a Fleet Air Arm pilot, he furthered his interest in aviation by working as a consultant to Rolls-Royce, British Aircraft Corporation, TAA and other companies. He has also written for the Australian Financial Review. John Gunn’s first volume on the history of Qantas, The Defeat of Distance (UQP 1985) was awarded best Australian book of 1985 by the Townsville Foundation for Australian Literary Studies, and also won the H.T. Priestly Memorial Medal. The third volume, High Corridors: Qantas 1954-1970, was published in 1988. His play Hildegard, a dramatic portrait of the twelfth-century saint and visionary, was premiered in St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane, in May 1999. His most recent book, Contested Skies (UQP 1999), is a companion to his earlier three volumes.
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Contested Skies: The History Of Trans-Australian Airlines 1946-1992

Picture of Contested Skies: The History Of Trans-Australian Airlines 1946-1992
TAA had almost a fifty-year record of ground-breaking aviation throughout Australia. Along with Qantas, the airline helped Australia overcome the "tyranny of distance" and made a sustained contribution to aviation in its early years. Contested Skies for the first time tells the inside story of the airline. s internal struggles and its often stormy relationship with successive governments. Contested Skies is a companion to .   The Defeat of Distance: Qantas 1919-1939 Challenging Horizons: Qantas 1939-1954 High Corridors: Qantas 1954-1970 "Gunn's volumes are a major contribution to our understanding of significant elements in the twentieth century & Future general historians will have no excuse for ignoring aviation." Cameron Hazlehurst, Australian Historical Studies