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Caswell, Brian

Since 1989, Brian Caswell has written twenty-four books including the best-selling A Cage of Butterflies. His work has received many awards and shortlistings, including the Children’s Peace Literature Award, the Vision Australia, Young Adult Audio Book of the Year Award, the Aurealis Award for science-fiction and fantasy, the Australian Multicultural Children’s Literature Award, the Human Rights Awards, the NSW Premier’s Awards (three times), and he has been included in the prestigious International Youth Library’s ‘White Ravens’ list four times. All his published novels have been listed as Notable Books, by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. He lives on the NSW Central Coast with his wife Marlene.
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A Cage Of Butterflies

Picture of A Cage Of Butterflies
"We're like a new toy ... or a new energy source, and they're just playing with us, experimenting. Working out what we can do. What they can do with us." Mikki and the others live at "the farm", an advanced learning facility, a think-tank for a bunch of young people with very high IQs. But what is really going on at the farm? And what about the five much younger children known as the Babies, frail as butterflies? Brian Caswell's new novel explores the power of love . and presents readers with an intriguing jigsaw puzzle of suspense. SHORTLISTED CBC Children's Book of the Year Awards (1993)


A Dream Of Stars

Picture of A Dream Of Stars
From the surprising tale of a chocolate addict to the futuristic dreaming of the title piece, these stories are as varied and thought-provoking as the stars. Are a pair of the world's best boots worth a human life? Can romance survive between a fifteen-year-old boy and a very attractive "Tralfamadorean"? Humourous, suspenseful and above all entertaining, this collection of thirteen short stories by Brian Caswell poses questions to challenge and delight the imagination. A Dream of Stars was listed as a 1992 Notable Book by the Childrens Book Council of Australia.



Picture of Asturias
"Music never stopped a war or put an end to greed or the hunger for power. But it was never supposed to. It has no reason, just as life has no reason. It just is. And what it is is the best that we can hope to be." Music is the talent - and the curse - that spans three generations to link Alex Rivera with the secrets of his family's past. Plucked from obsurity and thrown together with four other musical "prodigies", Alex rides the power of his music to fame and fortune as the lead-guitarist for Asturias, the latest creation of the music industry machine. But will the forces of commercialism and the stresses of fame destroy them, just as a bloody civil war tore apart another group of young idealists six decades earlier? How could anything go wrong? Everything's on track. You're on top of the world. Which is great. As long as you don't look down ...



Picture of Deucalion
Across light years of space millions of settlers have come to the planet Deucalion to escape their past and build their future. Deucalion is a source of great wealth, and a chance for a new beginning. But what does this mean for the Elokoi, who lived there first, or for the children of "Icarus", who made the journey for a different reason? And why are the people dying mysteriously? Deucalion is another of Brian Caswell's excursions into future-history. SHORTLISTED CBCA Book of the Year Awards 1996 Deucalion won the 1995 Children's Peace Literature award.



Picture of Deucalion
From award-winning author Brian Caswell comes the re-release of Deucalion, the first book in this gripping trilogy which was published in 1995 to much acclaim.


Double Exposure

Picture of Double Exposure
Chris Eveson is a genius; streetwise, artistic and sensitive, and rebelling against the domineering abuses of his father. Unlike his twin brother, Cain, who seems average in every way – at least to the outward observer. But gifts and talents run much deeper than two dimensions. Brian Caswell’s extraordinary new novel will draw you into a web of mysteries, and of horrors from the past buried by lies in the present.



Picture of Gargantua
Alien Zones #4 Welcome aboard Gargantua - the biggest space-ship ever built ... A great place for an inter-galactic stopover, but would you really want to live there? Especially when you discover that it disappeared without trace over a hundred thousand years ago. It's a bit like buying a first-class ticket on the Titanic. Come along for the ride and join the Zone Commandos on another action adventure into Alien Zones.



Picture of Lisdalia
It's bad enough being the smartest kid in the school, but when you're a girl, and when your father still thinks it's a man's world, and when you never learned to back down from an argument, it's even worse. Lisdalia has all these problems . and more. Of course, it helps if you have a couple of really good friends, like Mike and Tanja, and a teacher who cares, but in the end, when things get serious, it's who you are inside that counts. Who ever said it was easy being a kid? LISDALIA is the second volume in Brian Caswell's critically acclaimed Boundary Park Trilogy which began with Mike and concludes with Maddie. Lisdalia won the 1995 Multicultural Children's Literature Award and was Highly Commended in the 1995 Human Rights Award for Children's Literature.


Loop: Short Stories

Picture of Loop: Short Stories
From interdimensional time travel to the choices that define our lives here and now; from the inability to let go to the inevitability of change; from the many faces of alien contact to the healing power of a single human touch, Brian Caswell bridges genres and generations, shifting through tragedy to joy, humour to pathos - from the everday to the exceptional. Loop displays the undeniable talent of one of Australia's most accomplished and admired writers for both young people and adults. It will tease the emotions and challenge the intellect - drawing us again and again into the 'loop' of one man's unique vision. PRAISE FOR BRIAN CASWELL Caswell is a master of the art of telling a story from a sequence of different perspectives. The White Ravens outstanding example of quality young adult fiction. The Sunday Times Spooky, fantastic, frightening and wry at different times, these stories show a command of language, character and plot which is truly impressive. Sophie Mosson


Merryll Of The Stones

Picture of Merryll Of The Stones
This splendid story of time travel and magic begins in Sydney, with Megan Ellison, sole survivor of a car accident. She awakens from this disaster haunted by strange dreams as if from some distant past. These frightening dreams and fragmented memories continue, even when Megan goes to stay with relatives in a Welsh village. Then she meets Em, a brilliant and rebellious boy. As their friendship grows, they discover Megan's supernatural gift, and her duty to right an ancient wrong. Together, Megan and Em step through the ruins of a stone circle ... and so begins a fabulous adventure that spans two millennia. Merryll of the Stones was named an honour book in the 1990 CBC Children's Book of the Year Awards.


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