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Bateson, Catherine

Catherine Bateson has achieved an outstanding awards trifecta for her novels for young people. Rain May and Captain Daniel was the winner of the CBCA Book of the Year Award and Painted Love Letters was awarded a CBCA Honour Book recognition. Painted Love Letters was the winner of the 2003 Australian Family Therapists Award for Children's Literature and Rain May and Captain Daniel is also on their recommended reading list for therapists. Catherine also won the 2003 Queensland Premier's Literary Awards for Rain May and Captain Daniel. Both Painted Love Letters and Rain May and Captain Daniel were shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Awards.

Catherine teaches creative writing, coordinates La Mama Poetica and is currently working on a third collection of poetry.<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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A Dangerous Girl

Picture of A Dangerous Girl
A slick, tough, saucy & bold love story for Young Adults. Contemporary, racy, spiced with street-speak, contemplative, sensitive & lyrical story. Strong characterisation with a mixed bag of narrative surprises & delights.


Being Bee

Picture of Being Bee
Since Bee’s mother died, it’d been just her, her dad and her guinea pigs, Lulu and Fifi. But then Jazzi moves in, bringing with her a whole new way of looking at things and a whole lot of secrets. A heartwarming, humorous and vibrant story from award-winning author Catherine Bateson.


His Name In Fire

Picture of His Name In Fire
Abattoir Town is just another town bypassed by the highway until Mollie arrives, lugging more than her suitcase of circus tricks.


Millie And The Night Heron

Picture of Millie And The Night Heron
"The daughter of an artist and a scientist, and your own interesting self, Millie. What more could you need?” But Millie isn’t sure that Tom, her mum’s boyfriend, is right about that. A new town, a school project due, an enemy called Tayla, a boy with the initials RH and Tom himself…. It’s all too much even for an interesting girl like Millie. But as her father says, change is needed, and sometimes it’s the biggest changes that make us who we are. Millie and the Night Heron is a gentle, lyrical and moving tale from award-winning author Catherine Bateson which reminds us all to stop and remember the important things in life.


Painted Love Letters

Picture of Painted Love Letters
"And bigger than all of that, I knew that sometimes you had to do the impossible like eat oysters or go shopping even when you could hardly breathe because that is what people did when they truly loved one another and it had nothing to do with freckles or anklebones or lipstick." Dave is dying. Chrissie, Mum, Nan and Badger are going to be left behind. Because sometimes life is like that. "painted love letters" ... a story of the heart.


Rain May And Captain Daniel

Picture of Rain May And Captain Daniel
Rain May and her mum escape their old inner-city life for a dream house in the country. But there are more than a few suprises in store - like discovering a platypus or the fun of fridge poetry and phenomenally bright eleven-year-old, Captain Daniel, who lives next door. Together these unlikely friends adventure where no one has gone before.


The Airdancer Of Glass

Picture of The Airdancer Of Glass
"Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at a time when history is being made - but that doesn't mean anything by itself. Anyone can be in that place and turn their back on it. You have to be prepared to act." Lulianne is an Airdancer of the cirque d'Espoir. With her pink dreadlocks, ribbons and bells, she embodies strength, vitality and grace. Egan, a hunter and gardener, has led a very different life in the seclusion and peace of Clan. They meet in the crowded contamination of Tip, where the flames of revolution smoulder. Together anything is possible, and the world they know will be altered forever.


The Vigilant Heart

Picture of The Vigilant Heart
At the heart of this collection is the powerful sequence "Notes from Ward Seven West". It opens with the haunting meditation "This Is the Poem", winner of the prestigious John Shaw Neilson Award. In poems about women and their lives as daughters, lovers, wives and mothers, Bateson plays with different voices adeptly and compassionately. Longer poems feature such intriguing characters as a rebellious schoolgirl and her tattooist lover and, in the final section, the legendary white woman found shipwrecked among the Kuarareg islanders of Torres Strait. Shortlisted in the 2000 Adelaide Festival Awards and her young adult verse novel A Dangerous Girl released this July.


The Year It All Happened

Picture of The Year It All Happened
A page turning Young Adult sequel to A Dangerous Girl. Once again, Catherine successfully uses a variety of poetic forms including haiku, free verse, free renga and acrostic to achieve a richly deep narrative. This is a fast paced original story which portrays the everyday dramatic changes that can happen in a year.