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Elliott, Louise

Louise Elliot was born in England and came to Australia in 1983. She is a designer and writer. As a designer, she trained at the Brighton College of Art and Birmingham University, and subsequently worked in advertising, as an art teacher and in her own design business. As a writer she is the author of two adult novels and three for younger readers. UQP has published Mr Hornbeam’s Treasure Hunt (1994), Dangerous Redheads (1994) and Lone Bandits (1995).
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Mr Hornbeam's Treasure Hunt

Picture of Mr Hornbeam's Treasure Hunt
A lighthearted story set in goldrush days. Lizzie Welcome, nine years old, stows away aboard the sailing ship "Aurora", bound for Australia. She joins a group of friends who set out to seek their fortunes - and find plenty of excitement and adventure along the way, including an encounter with Black Jack McTaggert, the meanest bushranger in New South Wales.