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Flynn, Pat

Pat Flynn grew up running around an old dairy farm in Queensland before moving to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra on a tennis scholarship. After playing and coaching on the professional circuit he became a teacher, where his observations of young people – their interests and stories – led to him writing a series about a teenage skateboarder called Alex Jackson. Pat now writes full time and lives on the Sunshine Coast.
To the Light was shortlisted for the 2006 CBCA Book Awards, and The Tuckshop Kid received an Honour Book prize in the 2007 Awards, as well as being shortlisted for the QLD Premier’s Award. Flynn’s young adult novel The Line Formation was released in America in 2008 (titled Out of His League), making the PSLA top forty list of 2009. His latest books include The Adventures of Danny Series, and The Toilet Kid, the companion book to The Tuckshop Kid. Pat likes to start the day with a surf and end it walking along the beach with his wife and son. He also enjoys the occasional game of tennis.<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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Alex Jackson Dropping In

Picture of Alex Jackson Dropping In
Before Alex Jackson was a pro skateboarder he was a kid. Before he met Becky Tonella, beat up Billy Johnstone, boardslided 15 stairs, he was searching for the one thing that would make his life make sense. This is the year he found it. Set when Alex was in Year 6, this is a fun filled rollicking adventure that introduces Alex and his mates. A genre Pat Flynn has successfully made his own.


Alex Jackson: Closing Out

Picture of Alex Jackson: Closing Out
'The waves, why are they breaking so suddenly' asked Alex. It's going from deep to shallow water real quick. It's called closing out. If you get caught under it pins you down.' One minute Alex is a kid, the next he's searching for deep water. Searching to become a man, to know how to treat the girl he loves. In this final instalment Alex skates his way through the toughest course of all - life.


Alex Jackson: Grommet

Picture of Alex Jackson: Grommet
A raucous, riotous, devilish, urgent tale of a thirteen-year-old grommet, Alex. This is a fast-paced school adventure story that perfectly captures the essence of puberty and first love.


Alex Jackson:Swa

Picture of Alex Jackson:Swa
In Year 9 the action rips. Alex lands himself a gig in a skating video, his mum is hellbent on getting out of Beeton and a new girl rolls into his life. The SWA gang skate hard, but when they lead Alex out of the park into the street, they could be leading him into trouble. And what the hell does SWA stand for anyway? Join Alex for the ride and find out if it's with or without Becky - his first love.


Beeware: The Adventures Of Danny Book 1

Picture of Beeware: The Adventures Of Danny Book 1
In the first of Danny's adventures he faces mean mutts, bumbling bees and mad magpies. It's a tough world out there in the Aussie outer suburbs, especially when you're squeezed between a brawny big brother and an annoying little sister. And it's even tougher when the animals are out to get you ...


Don’t Kiss Girls and other silly stories

Picture of Don’t Kiss Girls and other silly stories
A laugh-aloud collection of stories about cricket, kissing and school from award-winning children’s author Pat Flynn.


My Totally Awesome Story

Picture of My Totally Awesome Story
An action-packed comedy about motocross, school and girls from award-winning children’s writing duo Pat Flynn and Peter Carnavas (and Duane).


Snowidea: Adventures Of Danny 3

Picture of Snowidea: Adventures Of Danny 3
Fighting dangerous animals and fitting in with his family was hard enough at home. Now Danny's stuck in a strange new country, with a strange new species - girls! Danny feels like the odd one out - he'll need a few tricks if he wants to survive!


The Toilet Kid

Picture of The Toilet Kid
Matt a.k.a. 'The Tuckshop Kid' is back! And he's smaller than ever! He's lost weight, is sort-of enjoying exercise and is going out with the perfect girl, Kayla. But when Matt uncovers Kayla's secret, he realises that no one is perfect and sometimes problems can take on a life of their own.


The Trophy Kid

Picture of The Trophy Kid
There is someone in trouble at Matt's school and for once it's not him! Marcus Wright - the boy all the girls swoon over - is a future tennis star. He has a solid forehand, a strong backhand, but his biggest asset is his mind. It can picture great shots like a movie screen and will him to victory, even when he's losing. But when Marcus learns he has to win the next state title or lose someone he loves, his mind is tested like never before. He has to turn to a girl he has a crush on, Kayla, and a tuckshop expert named Matthew for help. And they don't know a thing about tennis. Will he win, or will he lose? From the author of the award-winning book The Tuckshop Kid comes the companion adventure about tennis, tuckshop and tricks of the mind.


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