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Roy, James

James Roy was born in western New South Wales in 1968, and spent much of his childhood in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, adventuring by day and reading books by night. Then, one day, tired of reading books by dead people, he decided to start writing his own. His first novel, Almost Wednesday, was released in 1996 and was followed by the CBCA Notable Book Full Moon Racing. Other critical successes came with the CBCA Honour Books Captain Mack and Billy Mack's War, and the Notable Books The Legend of Big Red and A Boat for Bridget. In addition to writing fiction, James also drew on his years as an adolescent nurse to write The 'S' Word - a boys' guide to sex, puberty and growing up. James lives in the Blue Mountains with his wife and two daughters. He doesn't like olives very much, and in his spare time he demonstrates an entirely misplaced confidence in his skills as a guitarist, painter and sportsman.<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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A Boat For Bridget

Picture of A Boat For Bridget
Meet Bridget. Bridget's father loves to sail. Her mother loves to garden. Is there a problem? Not until Will's love for the sea draws him back to the thrill and excitement of ocean racing, a world he left behind before Bridget was born. From the author of Captain Mack comes a story in the tradition of the English adventure book, a story to surprise and delight.


Billy Mack's War

Picture of Billy Mack's War
'Home's a good place to be, Billy-boy. I'm glad I got to see it again.' When Captain Mack is released from his prison camp at the end of the war, no one is quite sure what to expect, least of all his son Billy. Will he be the same man who went off to war so full of hope and pride, or will he be different? Will he even remember his own children? Or will his experiences on the dreaded railway have changed him forever? In his prequel to the powerful Captain Mack, acclaimed author James Roy takes us on a journey back to 1945, to a time when the world was trying to recover after five years of war, and families were learning how to live together all over again.


Captain Mack

Picture of Captain Mack
In this International Year of the Older Person (Towards a Society for All Ages) James Roy has written an exceptional book, devoid of sentimentality, about the friendship between a young boy in his first year of high school and an elderly man living alone in a nursing home. Danny is a quiet studious boy who has a severely turned eye which makes him the butt of jokes by the class bullies. An only child of a widower, he suffers alone, prejudged by his teachers. Captain Mack, an 84-year-old World War II veteran, thinks his nursing home is a POW camp and convinces the misfit Danny into helping him escape. Captain Mack is an adventure about heroes and unlikely friendships.



Picture of City
A striking collection of connected short stories that reflect our lives and those of the people that we pass each day.


Edsel Grizzler: Ghostly Shadows

Picture of Edsel Grizzler: Ghostly Shadows
The third book in the fantastic Edsel Grizzler trilogy from award-winning author James Roy.


Edsel Grizzler: Rescue Mission

Picture of Edsel Grizzler: Rescue Mission
No adults, no way out, kids everywhere... chaos, welcome back to Verdada When Edsel Grizzler left Verdada, longing for a normal home life, he was told he could never return. But when he receives a desperate note from Verdada, pleading for his help, Edsel must embark on another, greater adventure – a rescue mission. Back in Verdada, the rules have changed. The Mira are gone, the kids are alone and fending for themselves. Things are chaotic and Ben is struggling to maintain order. It’s up to Edsel to step in before it is too late. Is Jacq the key to their survival? Will Edsel’s bold mission be a success? Or will Verdada – and the children – be lost forever? The second book in the fantastic Edsel Grizzler trilogy. PRAISE FOR EDSEL GRIZZLER: VOYAGE TO VERDADA James Roy knows his audience well and pitches Voyage to Verdada just right for early teens. … it has readers looking for answers long after the last page is turned. (Bookseller + Publisher) This is an inventive new book from a wonderful storyteller.(Deborah Abela, author of Max Remy Superspy series)


Edsel Grizzler: Voyage To Verdada

Picture of Edsel Grizzler: Voyage To Verdada
When Edsel takes an unexpected voyage to a parallel dimension, Verdada, his life is transformed overnight. Suddenly, his over-protective parents are nowhere to be seen and rules are a thing of the past. The first in a fantastic three-part series by award-winning author James Roy.


Full Moon Racing

Picture of Full Moon Racing
A 1974 Holden, two girls and a hitchhiker - a chance to escape on the open road and find their own freedom. Gunner escapes abuse at home while Arkey leaves a relationship gone wrong. And Saxon is looking for a new future. In this gentle and perceptive road novel, moving on holds some tough lessons. James Roy has been commended in the Ena Noël Award - Australian IBBY Award for Literature for Children and Young People 2000 for his impressive narrative qualities and contemporary appeal. A must for all young people!


Problem Child

Picture of Problem Child
Max Quigley doesn't think he's a bully. He's an "observer". He observes the habits, interests and peculiarities of other people, which he then points out. A lot. Triffin Nordstrom isn't really all that clever. He's a nerd. He reads too many fat books, makes medieval seige machines out of Lego, and probably speaks fluent Elvish. Plus he lives way out in the bush with his mum, who he calls Ulrika. Max and Triffin. It's a match made in hell, and it's going to get uglier than a second-hand cheesecake. In this hilarious look at playground politics, James Roy has created the ultimate odd couple, two boys who don't see eye to eye, but have to, somehow.


The Legend Of Big Red

Picture of The Legend Of Big Red
Bailey's Swamp is a lot of things. Beautiful. Secluded. Creepy. It's also thought to be the home of Big Red, a giant and elusive fish, a true legend of the local area. And Barney and Liam are determined to find him and catch him. But they're about to discover that there's much more to be found at Bailey's Swamp than some big old fish. In this exhilarating adventure story, James Roy will take you on a journey more electrifying than camping in a thunderstorm.


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