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Sheather, Alan

Alan Sheather was born in Mullumbimby and grew up surfing the beaches of Byron Bay. Allan and Kim Toft live with their daughter Casey Elle on the small island of South Ballina in Northern New South Wales. Their much loved picture information book Neptune’s Nursery (1998) followed the huge success of the award-winning One Less Fish (1997).
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Neptune's Nursery

Picture of Neptune's Nursery
This is a visually stunning picture information book by award-winning illustrator Kim Toft and co-authors Kim Toft and Allan Sheather. An environmental hide-and-seek game book that explores the birthing habits of marine animals and the most unique creature of all. Kim Toft's silk paintings perfectly capture life underwater, the seaworld shimmers and sparkles off each page. The last three pages are packed with information on all the marine animals found in the book plus a glossary of terms.


One Less Fish

Picture of One Less Fish
Spectacular tropical fish shimmer across every page of this unique counting book set in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. But something is wrong - one by one the fish are disappearing. The Great Barrier Reef is protected by law, but what might happen if it wasn't? Produced with the support of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, this cautionary tale warns of the threats to a fragile underwater environment. By preserving these deep-sea homes, we can all help keep this environmental countdown from coming true.