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Taylor, Michelle A.

Michelle A. Taylor was born in Brisbane in 1968, and grew up in Darwin and Brisbane. More recently she has lived in Suffolk, Glasgow and London, and she is presently living on the island of Madeira in Portugal with her husband and two young daughters. She particularly enjoys taking poetry to young audiences and hearing what young people make of poetry in their lives today. She is a popular choice as a performer and workshop leader in schools and at literary festivals, and is also an occupational therapist with many years experience working with those with mental and emotional health problems.
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100 Ways to Fly

Picture of 100 Ways to Fly
A clever and entertaining collection of poems for younger readers.


If Bees Rode Shiny Bicycles

Picture of If Bees Rode Shiny Bicycles
"Hundreds and thousands of stars curved cashew moon sky the colour of chocolate ten sausage toes in socks warm as toast beneath the blankets and cream sheets my mother’s words: ‘you look good enough to eat!’" Divided into twelve tantalising sections, including ‘Things with Wings’, ‘Fantastical Nonsense’, and ‘Weird and Wonderful’, each poem in this playful collection will spread tingles and give goose bumps to anyone who reads them! If Bees Rode Shiny Bicycles is whimsical, delightful, and a perfect introduction to the fantastical world of poetry for children, from one of Australia’s finest contemporary poets.


If The World Belonged To Dogs

Picture of If The World Belonged To Dogs
Everybody knows, tickles grow on toes and the backs of knees. They perch on top of noses but they don't grow on trees! Fantastical nonsense, disgusting habits, the secret world of pets, and the not-so-secret world of families. Lullabies to help you sleep at night, scary poems to keep you awake. You’ll find all of these and more in this fun and whimsical collection of poems by the acclaimed author of If Bees Rode Shiny Bicycles.