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Walters, Celeste

Celeste Walters was born and educated in Melbourne. She has been a primary and secondary school teacher, an art gallery director, a children’s theatre actor/manager and, for thirteen years, a lecturer in drama, language and literature at Deakin University. Her previous books for young adult readers include The Last Race and the award-winning The Killing of Mud-Eye.<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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At Seventeen

Picture of At Seventeen
Loss and gain come not in equal measure at seventeen. Forced to board in her final years of school, Catherine feels awkward and different and struggles to fit in. But the more she learns about her family's past, the more she learns about herself.



Picture of Deception
Between a mother and son there may be a very thin line connecting lies and silence. In the silver city, life for Josh Sim is study, football, and family. But in this world, the things which matter most seem to matter least, and the truth is a weapon wielded without emotion. On the streets of the city, Josh will find his own power. And reach through the silences. This moving and tender novel by Celeste Walters will take you into a world where, even in the darkest times, hope still finds a light…


The Glass Mountain

Picture of The Glass Mountain
Ossie is an outcast - he is the cat that walks alone. This is, until he crosses paths with Mrs Esther Ellis and he is caught up in a world of shadows and secrets - a world in which the legend of a freakish mountain tells a story that will become his own. A very powerful crossover novel for young adults and adults alike from the award-winning author of "The Killing of Mud-Eye"