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Goodwin, Bridget

Bridget Goodwin is a historian and film-maker. In 1987 she began researching the North Queensland Chemical Warfare Unit for the documentary film, “Keen as Mustard”, which screened on ABC TV in August 1989 as the first in the True Stories documentary series. It was also screened in Britain, Japan, Canada, The Netherlands and New Zealand. Highly Commended in the Walkley Awards for Australian Journalism, the film was also a finalist in the United Nations Media Peace Prize in 1989. Bridget was inspired to pursue further research for a book in response to the powerful reaction the film generated around the world. The result was Keen as Mustard: Secret Australian Chemical Warfare Experiments, published by UQP. Specialising in historical and Australian cultural documentaries, Bridget has also recently produced and directed “Henry Lawson’s Grenfell” (1993), “Over the Top with Hugh Lunn” (1996) and a film biography of Manning Clark, “The Young Tree Green” for ABC TV (1998). Bridget Goodwin is an Associate Professor in Film and Television at Bond University on the Gold Coast. She is married and has two sons.
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Keen As Mustard:Secret Australian Chemical Warfare Experiments

Picture of Keen As Mustard:Secret Australian Chemical Warfare Experiments
A book telling the shocking tale of World War II Australian servicemen being used as mustard gas guinea-pigs by Britain and the US with Australian Government approval. The book Keen as Mustard has been written by Walkley award-winning journalist Associate Professor Bridget Goodwin, who teaches film and television in Bond's School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Commenting on her book, Professor Goodwin said the research for it began when she was working as a senior reporter in Melbourne for ABC TV's 7.30 Report in 1987. The documentary film, Keen As Mustard, was screened on ABC TV at 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday 21 April 1998.  Professor Goodwin said the book evolved out of her need to have material declassified, a task which took several years, but a great deal of material in central files was still under wraps. This included references to Australian soldiers who died in mustard gas experiments.