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Lithgow, Scott

Scott Lithgow is a grazier, breeding quality beef cattle, stock horses and working cattle dogs on his property outside Chinchilla. He has had forty years of experience in handling stock in the Australian outback, beginning as a drover. He and his dogs have been featured on ABC television and he has often been invited to demonstrate and discuss his training methods at trials and agricultural shows throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Since Training and Working Dogs was first published by UQP in 1987, Scott Lithgow has received numerous invitations to tutor at dog training clinics in Australia and North America. Due to its popularity, Training and Working Dogs was re-released in 1991.
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Training And Working Dogs: For Quiet Confident Control Of Stock

Picture of Training And Working Dogs: For Quiet Confident Control Of Stock
For every good dog able to work things out for itself, there are many more potentially useful dogs unable to do so. Training and Working Dogs will allow every owner of a new pup to train it with confidence and produce an obedient, responsive and alert dog. Although written chiefly for those who use dogs to muster cattle, the book's patient and understanding approach is equally effective for dogs reared to handle other stock, and for dogs kept as pets.