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Longworth, John

John Longworth, Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Queensland, is a former President of the International Association of Agricultural Economists and Fellow of the Academy of Social Scientists in Australia. He has studied the Japanese and Chinese beef industries for more than 25 years. John has authored or co-authored a number of books on China, some of which have also appeared in Chinese.
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Beef In China: Agribusiness Opportunities

Picture of Beef In China: Agribusiness Opportunities
China's emergence as a "beef giant" has enormous implications for the world beef market. The first up-to-date and full scale analysis of the booming beef industry of China, which produces a phenomenal five times more beef than Australia.The product of several years of fieldwork and university research, a collaboration with recognised industry authorities here and in China. Abundantly illustrated.John Longworth is the author of Beef in Japan published in 1983.