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Lumb, R. D.

Darrell Lumb is a graduate in law from the University of Melbourne and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from Oxford University. From 1958 he lectured at the University of Queensland and was appointed to a Chair in the Law Department in 1980. He is the author of various texts and articles in the area of public law, including The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Annotated, Australian Constitutionalism and The Law of the Sea and Australian Off-Shore Areas. He has acted as a consultant for various governments on matters of constitutional law. The 5th edition of The Constitutions of the Australian States was published by UQP in 1991.
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The Constitutions Of The Australian States

Picture of The Constitutions Of The Australian States
In this fifth edition of the popular Constitutions of the Australian States, Lumb provides an historical outline of the constitutions of the states and explains in detail the more important features of the constitutions in their present form: the structure of the legislature, responsible government and law-making power. Lumb analyses the effect of the legislation and of recent judicial decisions on the nature of the power of the state parliaments to make laws for the "peace, welfare and good government" of the people and territories under their jurisdiction.