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Puregger, Marjorie

The late Marjorie Puregger graduated from Queensland University with an Honours Degree in English Language and Literature. An active leader in community affairs, she served as vice-president of the National Council of Women, foundation member and first vice-president of the Kindercraft Association, and honorary secretary of the Refugee Emergency Council. She was joint founder of the Women’s Forum Movement, and served as president of the Association of Queensland Women’s Forum Clubs. For many years she chaired the Constitutional Standing Committee and Finance Standing Committee of the Forum Dias. She lectured on meeting procedure and was an adviser to many other organisations. The Australian Guide to Chairing Meetings (revised edition), was published by UQP in 1998.
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The Australian Guide To Chairing Meetings

Picture of The Australian Guide To Chairing Meetings
As the standard Australian text on meeting procedure, this classic guide has now been revised and updated, incorporating current practice and terminology. An invaluable reference companion, it covers every aspect of meeting procedure, instruction for office-bearers and forms of address. The history of meetings, specimen minutes and useful notes on ceremonial procedures are also featured. The indispensable guide to: chairing a meeting board meetings annual general meetings standing orders the agenda motions and amendments closing the discussion specimen meetings rules of debate inaugural meetings committees conferences shareholders' meetings