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Edwards, Rebecca Jane

Rebecca Edwards, born in 1969, is a graduate of the University of Queensland, where she majored in Japanese. A poet and visual artist living in Townsville, she has been a guest of major poetry festivals throughout Australia and published her first volume of poems Eating the Experience with Metro Press in 1994. She has also held solo art exhibitions in Townsville. Her long poem “Night Is the Smell of Burning” won the inaugural Arts Queensland Poetry Award in 1999. She has been awarded an Asialink residency at Keio University, Japan, and, and was the recipient of an Arts Queensland project grant to write her first verse novel. Scar Country, a poetry collection, was published by UQP in 2000 and won the 2001 Arts Queensland Judith Wright Calanthe Award for Poetry.
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The River Sai

Picture of The River Sai
She who walks the path of fire to the land of the dead... When Harumi starts poking around in the back of the old Japanese antique shop, she has no idea where her curiosity will lead her. Will her reluctant heroism end in success, or will it lead to her own terrifying demise? Or is her mission completely different from what she first thought it was? Witches, hags, talking bears. Mysterious, inconsolable children, a dream-collecting baku and a stone jizu who weeps tears of healing - they each have a role to play in this thrilling Japanese folk-tale, set on the banks of the dreaded River Sai.