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Schultz, Julianne

Julianne Schultz is a former General Manager of Corporate Strategy and Communications at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She has also worked as an academic, journalism educator, journalist and editor. Her publications include Reviving the Fourth Estate (1998). Julianne is the co-editor with Ann Curthoys of Journalism: Prin, Politics and Popular Culture (UQP 1999).
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Journalism: Print, Politics And Popular Culture

Picture of Journalism: Print, Politics And Popular Culture
\"Journalism: Print, Politics and Popular Culture\" investigates the fascinating history of print journalism in Australia in all its aspects - the lives, working conditions, and consciousness of journalists, and the newspapers and magazines they produced,. It investigates the inventiveness of the journalists themselves, and the changing patters of ownership and readership to which they continually adapted. The authors analyse their subject from both inside and outside, combining occasional sharp criticism with warm appreciation. Print journalism has long provided an arena for a public sphere of debate, from the local to the antional and international. It has also supported a lively popular culture, in its coverage of sport, crime, and endless stories of human interest. With the challenge from new communication technologies now suggesting radical changes to the forms and cultural impact of print journalism, an understanding of its long, adventurous, and complex history is more interesting and important than ever before.