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Zolin, Miriam

Miriam Zolin grew up in Melbourne and East Gippsland in Victoria, and currently lives in Sydney. She studied linguistics, languages and literature at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW, and has had a varied working life, doing everything from washing dishes and nannying, through to working as a technical writer and process analyst. Miriam’s first novel, "Most Beloved", was short-listed for the Australian Vogel Literary Award in 1992. She has had a number of articles published in magazines with subjects as varied as self-sufficiency lifestyles and jazz.
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Tristessa And Lucido

Picture of Tristessa And Lucido
Theney Fairweather can take away your pain. To those who experience her touch, it feels like a miracle. But hers is a healing gift that she fears and does not understand. When this young Australian woman takes a job in Prospect, Nebraska, she discovers a temporary sanctuary from herself and an unlikely friendship with her neighbour 'the Princess'. It is only when Theney meets Aubrey, a jazz musician whose damaged soul is a reflection of her own, that she really begins to understand the gift we all have and how to use it. "Tristessa & Lucido" is a haunting debut novel about modern love and old-fashioned faith.