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Harrison, John William

John Harrison is a professional musician. He was a member of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra for thirty years before accepting the position of principal bass clarinet with the Queensland Orchestra in 2001. He studied illustration at Griffith University and arts administration at Queensland University of Technology. John’s interest in children’s picture books began in the early 1980s when he wrote and illustrated Lucy Mouse for his daughter.
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Fergal Onions

Picture of Fergal Onions
Fergal Onions is led away from a life at the TV screen to dust down his saxophone and return to his pre-couch life after he hears his neighbour's young daughter playing Mozart on her violin. This is a delightful picture book that crosses generational boundaries. It has light- hearted essence but underneath it is a cautionary tale of what can happen if we just drift along in our comfort zone without really engaging with life. It is also a book of friendship with strong and quirky illustrations.