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Charlesworth, Max

A former Professor of Philosophy and Foundation Dean of the School of Humanities at Deakin University, Max Charlesworth AO’s interest in bioethics has extended over many years. He has been a member of various government committees including the National Bioethics Consultative Committee, the Australian Health Ethics Committee and the Victorian Standing Review Committee on Infertility. Max Charlesworth is also a member of the Monash University Centre for Human Bioethics and of the editorial committee of the international journal Bioethics. His well known publication, Bioethics in a Liberal Society (1993), has been translated into German, Italian and Spanish. He has also authored many books on religion and philosophy, including The Problem of Religious Language, The Golden Bough and After: One Hundred Years of the Scientific Study of Religion. His book Religion in Aboriginal Australia was published by UQP in 1984.
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Philosophy For Beginners

Picture of Philosophy For Beginners
Philosophy is a fascinating discipline that encourages us to think creatively about the BIG questions. What is life? What is space? What is time? Who are we, and why are we? Where do we belong, and how should we relate to one another? Philosophy gives us access to the wisdom of the great philosophers, who thought long and hard about these questions. It then allows us to examine their wisdom, and to judge it for ourselves, against what we believe to be true. In Philosophy for Beginners, Max Charlesworth draws on a lifetime’s study to bring philosophy to life. In an uncomplicated way, he guides the reader through the various forms of philosophy, and looks at some of the men and women who explored them. He shows that the way we apply philosophy can bring understanding and meaning to our modern lives.