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Young, Pam

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Proud To Be A Rebel: The Life And Times Of Emma Miller

Picture of Proud To Be A Rebel: The Life And Times Of Emma Miller
Emma Miller will always be remembered for jabbing the Police Commissioner's horse with her hatpin during the 1912 Tramways Strike. Pam Young's long-awaited biography of Emma Miller traces the history of the female suffrage movement, the formation of unions for women and the female vote against conscription. A founding member of the Labor Party, Emma Miller was one of the leaders of the women's suffrage movement. As President of the Woman's Equal Franchise Association, she saw Australian women win the federal vote in 1902, the first women in the world to be able to vote in a federal election. This fascinating story takes place during the turbulent formation of the labour movement in Queensland, and includes the early campaign for equal rights for women. Emma Miller's courage and energy were unmatched during these struggles, earning her the titles of "Mother Miller" and "the grand old Labour woman of Queensland".