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Carter, David

David Carter is the Director of the Australian Studies Centre at the University of Queensland, and the President of the Australian Studies Association. Previously he was a lecturer in Australian Studies at Griffith University. He has edited Outside the Book: Contemporary Essays on Literary Periodicals (1991) and co-edited Celebrating the Nation: A Study of Australia’s Bicentenary (1992), Images of Australia: An Introductory Reader in
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Making Books

Picture of Making Books
• Is the Australian publishing industry flourishing or floundering? • What is the future of the book? • Has lifestyle replaced literary publishing? • Have new technologies revolutionised the nature of the industry? Making Books addresses these questions and many others in a wide-ranging study of contemporary Australian publishing. It also provides a sophisticated introduction to the structure and dynamics of the Australian publishing industry which turns over almost two billion dollars a year. Leading industry practitioners and academics analyse the industry in the context of social, cultural and legal forces. They write revealingly on the culture of the publishing house, editorial practice and policy, Bookscan, new technologies and the ‘decline’ of literary publishing. Making Books will be an indispensable companion for arts industry professionals, those in the publishing industry, and scholars of book history or publishing studies.