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Hilton, Nette

Nette Hilton spent her childhood in Victoria, moving to Sydney when she was eleven. After several years trying out different, unsatisfactory jobs, she trained as a teacher. She started writing when looking for a book for her daughter. For bookings for Nette Hilton, please contact Show and Tell Promotions on<#InMedia#><#AuthorVideo#><#AuthorWebsite#><#AuthorTwitter#><#AuthorFaceBook#>
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Star Of The Circus

Picture of Star Of The Circus
Poor Bonnie Belinda Bennett. She can’t help coming last at everything, all the time. She’d love to be the best at something, one day. With the circus in town and an upcoming pet show, things just might be about to change. But what hope does she have when her brilliant performing pet Oscar goes all shy and won’t perform? Finding your talent isn’t always easy but with the help of friends surprising things can happen along the way. Chantal Stewart’s illustrations perfectly complement this charming uplifting story which will give even the most ordinary child hope that they, too, can be extraordinary.


Star Of The Show

Picture of Star Of The Show
Serena Sweetmay is Perfect. Serena Sweetmay is beautiful and clever; she's good at school and always gets chosen for the best parts in any activity...


The Adventures Of A Late-Night Swearer

Picture of The Adventures Of A Late-Night Swearer
Speedy Simpson is the absolute best at everything. He might even have stayed the best if it wasn't for Bebe LaMouche. She had a special talent with words that was going to take some beating. Speedy searches high and low until he stumbles upon a secret word that he is sure will impress Bebe and his classmates.