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Chauncy, Nan

Nan Chauncy was born in England in 1900. When Nan was twelve years old the family emigrated to Australia and settled in Tasmania, founding the property, ‘Chauncy Vale’, near Hobart. Even as a child Nan delighted in telling stories; she had a keen perception , a sympathy with all forms of life and an ability to convey to others look and feel, smell and taste. In her adult life Nan became Australia’s bestselling children’s author. She published fourteen books in her lifetime and was three times winner of the Children’s Book of the Year Award: Tiger in the Bush in 1958; Devil’s Hill in 1959 and Tangara in 1961. Tangara was also awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Diploma of Merit in 1962. She loved animals and the simple pleasures of life. About her home in the bush she wrote: ‘No electricity, only the soft light of the oil lamp and the dogs snoring on the skin mat, the iron kettle singing in praise of simple things.’ After a long illness, Nan Chauncy died on 1 May 1970.
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Picture of Tangara
Sometimes when Lexie fingered a string of shells she had been given as a little girl, she felt strange memories stir. It was as if something very precious was buried away in her own mind… Great-great Aunt Rita's old shell necklace carries a power that Lexie can't possibly know. Then, when it leads her to a new friend, she and Merrina enter the secret gully where Merrina’s people live. But the gully holds a terrible secret, as old as the necklace itself. Will Lexie be strong enough, as she relives the nightmare her Aunt Rita endured? This deeply moving classic by one of our great children's writers is part fantasy, part history, and one hundred percent masterpiece. “Nan Chauncy’s greatest novel…the unforgettable story of a friendship that would never die.” Margaret Dunk