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Lomer, Kathryn

Kathryn Lomer grew up on a farm in North West Tasmania. She left school at fifteen and began the first of many and varied jobs in Tasmania and then overseas. She eventually went to university and became a teacher of English as a Second Language, which she taught for many years in Australia and Japan. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism, Media and Communications.

Kathryn’s second young adult novel, What Now, Tilda B?, won the 2011 Margaret Scott Tasmanian Book Prize and was shortlisted in the 2011 Children’s Peace Literature Awards. Kathryn has also published three collections of poetry: the first, Extraction of Arrows, won the 2004 Anne Elder Award and the second, Two Kinds of Silence, won the 2008 NSW Premier’s Kenneth Slessor Prize. Her most recent collection, Night Writing, was published in 2014.

Kathryn’s other books include a novel, The God in the Ink, and a collection of short fiction, Camera Obscura.

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Camera Obscura

Picture of Camera Obscura
Light and shadow, love and loss, the extraordinary and the everyday are captured through the lens of this evocative new collection of fiction. Camera Obscura moves through Greece, Italy and France, across to Japan and into the Australian suburbs, as its characters take journeys into themselves and away from their pasts.


Extraction Of Arrows

Picture of Extraction Of Arrows
Extraction of Arrows is Kathryn Lomer’s first collection of poetry. Divided into three parts, the poems represent a journey, beginning with traveling days in Ireland and Spain and with glances back to childhood in rural Tasmania; to the barbed ecstasy of sexual awakening and the heart’s disappointment; to the unmapped journey into birth and motherhood; arriving finally at relationship’s harmony and self forgiveness. Through the fragile humanity of this collection comes a connectedness, which points the direction home.


Night Writing

Picture of Night Writing
A vivid collection of poetry from the winner of the NSW Premier's Literary Awards Kenneth Slessor poetry prize. With sensual, fresh and graceful energies, Kathryn Lomer’s Night Writing is a collection that moves between the grounded and the whimsical.


Talk Under Water

Picture of Talk Under Water
A page-turning story of friendship and adventure which celebrates and embraces difference, diversity and courage.


The God In The Ink

Picture of The God In The Ink
The God in the Ink is a warm, beguiling work of great beauty. Lomer combines a novelist's sense of pace and story with a poet's fine ear for language. This intriguing story chronicles Claire Loone's childhood and extended family history in rural Tasmania, and follows her search for an understanding of place and 'home'. Kathryn Lomer won the 2000 Josephine Ulrick prize for poetry.


The Spare Room

Picture of The Spare Room
Akira is sent from Japan to Australia, into a world where everything seems new and strange. The language is full of unexpected pitfalls, everyday routines pose challenges, and something is not quite right with his homestay hosts, the Moffat family. But then, all is not quite right with Akira either. The Spare Room is a tale of living between two cultures and discovering that, no matter where you’ve come from, sometimes the journey is exactly the same.


Two Kinds Of Silence

Picture of Two Kinds Of Silence
I would like to sit with you in the depths of black water, up to my neck in it, the pebbles on our tongues, in our palms and pockets, arms around you, hands under you, to lift you up into the living air. Bold, musical, lively and highly alluring, Two Kinds of Silence invokes not only the splendour of the Tasmanian coastline and high country, but also the fire and reach of imagination, the poignancy of parenthood, and the overwhelming force and consequence of adult love. Kathryn Lomer’s poems prove her to be richly inspired.


What Now, Tilda B?

Picture of What Now, Tilda B?
Only a day ago, things were normal. As normal as this year gets anyway. Tilda Braint is nearly sixteen, restless and having trouble figuring out what on earth she’s supposed to do next. Living in a small coastal town doesn’t help either. When two seals land in the middle of Tilda’s life, they turn it upside down. They’re a long way from home and may well be lost. For Tilda, the seals may turn out to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. A novel about finding yourself, your friends and your future.