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Singe, John

Born in Sydney and educated in Brisbane, John Singe commenced his teaching career at Thursday Island in 1970. He has lived on several Torres Strait islands and in Papua New Guinea, and has taught in the area north of Cairns for more than thirty years. His adventures include driving an Island taxi and diving on a professional crayfishing boat, as well as navigating the treacherous waters by sail and outboard motor. He has hunted, fished and gardened with Islanders and lived with them for three decades, becoming familiar with their languages, culture and history. He is currently based in Cooktown, Queensland. His books include \"Torres Strait: People and History\" (1979 and 1988), \"Culture in Change: Torres Strait History in Photographs\" (1988) and \"Among Islands\" (1993). His memoir, \"My Island Home\", was released by UQP in November 2003.
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My Island Home: A Torres Strait Memoir

Picture of My Island Home: A Torres Strait Memoir
John Singe first arrived at Thursday Island in 1970. Peopled by many wild and wonderful characters, this tropical paradise proved to be no place for the faint-hearted. As a diver, John Singe survived shark attack and frequently faced the Strait’s unpredictable moods when sailing the waters from Cape York to Papua New Guinea. Hunting and fishing expeditions also provided him with an unexpected education. As well as charting one man’s Indiana Jones-like adventures, this entertaining book voyages across contemporary Islander cultures and lifestyles. Much more than a travel saga, My Island Home traces the rewarding journey of its author who continues to be drawn irresistibly to the gregarious people and unlimited horizons of Torres Strait.