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Stephenson, Margaret

Margaret Stephenson practiced as a solicitor in Brisbane before returning to the Law School where she had been a lecturer in Land Law and Contract for several years. She has also worked as an editor of the University of Queensland Law Journal and has written several articles on Mabo and related issues. She is the compiler and editor of Mabo: A Judicial Revolution (UQP 1993) and Mabo: The Native Title Legislation (UQP 1995). Margaret Stephenson, with Clive Turner, is also a co-editor of Australia: Republic or Monarchy (UQP 1994).
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Australia:Republic Or Monarchy? Legal And Constitutional Issues

Picture of Australia:Republic Or Monarchy? Legal And Constitutional Issues
The approaching centenary of Australian Federation is an appropriate time to raise the question of Australia's constitutional future. Should Australia become a republic with an elected head of state or remain a constitutional monarchy? Australia: Republic or Monarchy? Provides background information and reasoned arguments from both sides of the debate to provide a basis on which to make an informed decision. Key issues include questions about Australia's style of government as the country enters the second century of Federation; whether the present Constitution is satisfactory; and if not, whether the changes needed are major or minor. The constitutional changes needed to achieve a republic, and the pitfalls to be avoided in selecting from various options, are discussed, and a balanced perspective on possible avenues for constitutional development presented. Wider issues pertinent to a republic are also examined, including the impact on the States, the history of monarchies and examples of other systems. A summary of the Republic Advisory Committee's Report is also provided. Contributors: Sir Harry Gibbs, George Winterton, Donald Home, Mark McKenna, T Abbott, Kenneth Wiltshire, Gareth Grainger, A A Preece, Keith A Cline, Isolde Turwitt-Fieber, R D Lumb, Gerard Carney, Suri Ratnapala, Gabriël A Moens, Frank Brennan SJ